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Our Mission: FabFoundry helps innovators make their products and deliver it to their customers when needed. Our services are brought by our experienced professionals who always seek for higher standards in quality, cost and delivery.

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  • Global Hub for creators

    Founded in New York City.

    FabFoundry is the first community for hardware startups and creative makers that connects to hardware professionals and manufacturing experts in Japan that excel at manufacture high-quality products. FabFoundry serves to the community by offering access to vital resources for contemporary, urban hardware startups such as creative excellence, technical consultation, design optimization for production, contemporary funding, legal service and networking, locally and globally.

  • The Maker Movement

    Creators needs to know entrepreneurial business model.

    New York critically lacks the ecosystem for creators to start their projects in the "contemporary" business model - the startup ecosystem widely available in the Silicon Valley. Lots of creators work for clients not 100% equally. One of the biggest challenges is that creators rely on sources from clients when they make things. The startup ecosystem in the Valley allows startups to create their own products using money financially independent of clients, which allows startups to deal with big companies fairly equally. We want to enroot this model here for makers. FabFoundry's ultimate goal is to help people create whatever they want in a collaborative environment - named "social production" (like social media), where people play a role of consumers as well as producers. FabFoundry creates a startup community for makers, or a contemporary business ecosystem for hardware startups. Its community offers a service or resource that helps the community generate new hardware startups and grow.

  • Prototypes to Manufacturing

    9% of crowdfunded projects end up failing

    Crowdfunding is a great invention for hardware startups to source their prototypes, but it exposes another issue - not all people can manufacture your products from prototypes. According to Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding company based in New York, 9% of their 65,326 funded projects ended up failing to deliver their promised rewards. Japanese manufacturers are well known for their high-quality products. True, their engineering expertise is world-renowned, and “Made in Japan” is a symbol to last longer. Such expertise - creating mass-production from prototypes - resides in factories, which supply various parts to their upstream manufacturers. There are lots of Japanese manufacturers, especially major electronics companies, who procure components from their downstream suppliers. Such suppliers maintain expertise how they lower the cost of the parts, increase quality, etc, to respond to tough requests from manufacturers who have been in a big global competition over decades.

  • Fab

    Japanese craftsmanship meets Silicon Alley

    Connect New York creators to Japanese manufacturers

    We are starting "Manufacturing Service", which connects our cerative community to skillful Japanese suppliers who help community startups not only make mass production but improve/optimize design of their prototypes, incorporate unknown Japanese technology, etc, which such suppliers do for their outsourcers.

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Our Team

Founded in New York City, FabFoundry creates the community for makers, designers, entrepreneurs & lots of community supporters around the world.

Co-founders | Board Members & Advisors | Members | Alumni


FabFoundry has been led by passionate entrepreneurs since February 2015.

Nobuaki *Aki* Nakajima

VP of Business Development

Nobuhiro *Nob* Seki

GM, Material Engineering

Board Members & Advisors

Industy veterans support FabFoundry with lots of energy & resources.

S. Thomas Emerson

Board Member
Distinguished Career Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University

Hidehiko Koguchi

CEO of Perspective Media

Ilana Diamond

Managing Director of AlphaLab Gear

Tristan Bel

Executive Director, NYDesigns

Mitsu Suwa

Co-founding Advisor
Co-founder of FabCafe℠

James Prenton

Corporate Attorney
Co-founder of InterFocus Law

Community Supporters

Employees, contractors, freelancing makers & designers in NYC who collaborate together to elevate communities to the next level, including a series of maker events called Monozukuri Saturday.

Luke Schantz

IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

Remko De Knikker

IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

David Yepez

Creative Director
Axios NYC

Mike Kiser

ICT Professional


Alumni who have contributed to FabFoundry and are expanding business careers.

Kristen Smith

Retail Account Manager, littleBits

Brian Lee

Ex-Director, Design & Fabrication
Product Development, WeWork

Carlton Reeves

Ex-VP, Business Development
Technology-to-Market Advisor, ARPA-E

Gian Cui

Tech Wearable Researcher

Saki Hayashi

Ex-Community Manager
Independent 3D + UX Designer

Yuka Sato

Ex-Researcher, FabCafe Project


Funded by angel investors and Pre-seed capital, we are running operations including the popup shop in the West Village of New York. As a partner company with XRC Labs, a startup accelerator specializing in retail and consumer goods co-founded by Parsons School of Design, FabFoundry is actively developing our business in New York.

For those who are interested in us and eligible to invest, please visit FabFoundry's profile on Angel List.

Shareholders: Nobuhiro Seki (Common 100%); Stock options are issued to advisors, employees and contractors.
Capital Raised: $300,000 (in form of Convertible Notes) from angel investors


Currently, no position is available at FabFoundry.

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FabFoundry, Inc.
2910 Thomson Avenue
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Long Island City, NY 11101

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