FabFoundry offers a variety of services for hardware startups:
Funding | Consultation | Events


FabFoundry co-manages "MBC Shisaku Fund I", the seed fund for hardware startups, with Makers Boot Camp, our partner in Kyoto, Japan. We usually invest $100K - $1M in hardware startups in the US who intend to manufacture their products through our supply-chain networks managed by experts in Japan.

Please inquire via our contact page if you are interested in funding.

We also co-host a six-week startup accelerator program called Monozukuri Bootcamp, where several American hardware startups go to Japan to get connected to manufacturing partners. The participating startups will get investment of up to $100K+ from the fund.


We have a platform to provide an on-demand manufacturing consultancy service.

Partnering with suppy-chain professionals in Japan, FabFoundry focuses on solving manufacturing challenge, especially high-quality, low-volume production.

Our partners are suppliers and factories dealing with Japanese manufacturers, so you can minimize the risk to dealy your product delivery.

For more details, please inquire via our contact page.


FabFoundry hosts various Monozukuri events for makers and hardware people to experience craftsmanship of Japanese manufacturing. We co-host workshops and hack-a-thons in NYC with various partners for the NYC startup ecosystem for makers (please visit our Event Page for details).

To bring more opportunities for NYC makers to look and feel expertise in Japan, we take initiatives to promote hardware communities in Japan and reach to the NYC audience.

We co-host the regional competition Monozukuri Hardware Cup in Japan for AlphaLab Gear's International Hardware Cup Competition.