"Monozukuri" is a Japanese word for "making things", but in the way of Japanese authentic craftsmanship...

A variety of Monozukuri events are hosted:

NEW in New York City
Demo Day: Monozukuri Demo Day Spring 2017

in New York City (by FabFoundry)
Seed Accelerator: Monozukuri Bootcamp
Meetup: Monozukuri Saturday

in Kyoto (by Makers Boot Camp)
Meetup: Monozukuri Hub

in Osaka (by Monozukuri Hardware Startup Consortium)
Competition: Monozukuri Hardware Cup 2017

Monozukuri literally means “making things” in Japanese.

But according to Patricia Pringle from Japan Intercultural Consulting, monozukuri has much more meaning.

Monozukuri generally used specifically to describe Japanese-style manufacturing processes. Monozukuri is one of those words that is impossible to translate. (*snip*) While monozukuri is used to describe technology and processes integrating development, production and procurement, it also includes intangible qualities such as craftsmanship and dedication to continuous improvement. — MONOZUKURI — ANOTHER LOOK AT A KEY JAPANESE PRINCIPLE, Jul 23, 2010

Many Japanese words are incorporated into English and used in daily conversations, because nuance of these Japanese words is easily “lost in translation”. Japanese words such as Sushi and Umami are already popular English words. Still, some may be surprised that quite a few words regarding manufacturing are also commonly used in business conversations, such as kaizen and kanban.

So, we decided to test a new Japanese word for our upcoming activities for makers. As of today, monozukuri is not found on Wikipedia. But I imagine it will be added onto Wikipedia and referred by many English speakers soon.

Let's make things on Saturdays

As a kick-off event, FabFoundry will host the first Monozukuri Saturday Meetup on January 9th in New York. To the first meetup, we invite some speakers to address monozukuri — ranging from craftsmanship to entrepreneurship — followed by a make-a-thon to celebrate our first Monozukuri Saturday. No fees are charged for these events, so please feel free to participate in the meetup and/or the make-a-thon.

Monozukuri Saturday, including this very first meetup, will be hosted at the Coffee Foundry, a coffee shop in the West Village of New York City. Popping up inside this coffee shop, FabFoundry hosts workshops and services on digital fabrication such as 3D printing.

If you are interested in regularly participating Monozukuri Saturday events, please sign up for our group to get updated. Monozukuri Saturday should be a best event for those in NYC to share your project and/or idea to make things.

Monozukuri is for everyone

You do not have to be even a maker today — thanks to emerging digital fabrication technologies, everyone can be a maker. Let's share idea to see your (even unrealistic) idea make real!

Personally, I am a novice maker who started 3D printing just recently (I am a business major), but I am already connected to many makers, designers and entrepreneurs, and am very excited to see so many people emphasize with me for making things!

FabFoundry's mission is to help people create what change our lives with technologies. And our Co-founders have international background and network of creators globally, especially in Japan and Asian countries.

So, we are sure we will be able to add more international taste to Monozukuri Saturday events in 2016.

Join our meetups in New York!

If you are in New York, please join our Monozukuri Saturday Meetups taking place on Saturdays!

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