What is Monozukuri Demo Day

Twofold program - Product Demonstration at a booth and Product Pitch on stage

In April, FabFoundry will host the Monozukuri Demo Day, where hardware startups demonstrate their products to companies, investors, mentors and the community

Demonstration in person. You want to demonstrate your products and listen to audience's feedback. We prepare a booth for you to show your prouct and demo it.

Pitch to investors. After the demonstration, you want to engage investors and business partners in your vision. Attending media people amplifier your words through the internet.

Teams from Japan, teams from NYC. Startups from Japan for presentation come with their supporters. Startups from NYC have local investors. Pitches by these two groups are great content for the supporters of one another.

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Day 1: Monozukuri Workshop & Meetup (April 17th)

Day 2: Monozukuri Demo Day (April 18th)

How will presenting startups be selected?

Who organizes the Monozukuri Demo Day?

Great mix of international entrepreneurs coordinate this ambitious project.

New York

Nob Seki

Founder, FabFoundry

Tristan Bel

Executive Director, NYDesigns

Geoff Hutchinson

Operations, NYDesigns

Daniel De Rienzo

Community Manager, Peatix

Masa Okunishi

Co-founder, Japan NYC Startups

Luke Schantz

Startup Technologist, IBM Global Entrepreneur

Remko De Knikker

Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud


Ilana Diamond

Managing Director of AlphaLab Gear

Ryusuke Kubo

Project Manager, Carnegie Mellon University


Mitsu Suwa

Co-founder & CEO, Loftwork

Akira Moriuchi

Branch Manager, Loftwork

Satomi Otani

Project Manager, Urban Innovation Institute

Narimasa Makino

CEO, Makers Boot Camp

Sabrina Sasaki

Marketing, Makers Boot Camp

Mari Futagami

Community Manager, Makers Boot Camp

Jonas Marzi

Marketing, Makers Boot Camp